Welcome to AMPLIFY Central

Welcome to AMPLIFY Central documentation.

Get started

Learn how to get up and running quickly with AMPLIFY Central as a new user. Discover the fundamental AMPLIFY Central concepts, become familiar with the terminology, and learn how to register your first API.

Get started with AMPLIFY Central

API management

Learn how to manage and secure your APIs in AMPLIFY Central.

AMPLIFY Central for API management

API lifecycle video series

Watch this series of short videos to learn how to design a custom API and import it into AMPLIFY Central. You will also learn how to add security to your API and how to share it with your consumers using AMPLIFY Catalog.


Learn how to integrate AMPLIFY Central in your existing DevOps infrastructure using the AMPLIFY CLI or AMPLIFY Central DevOps API.

AMPLIFY Central for DevOps

Mesh governance

Learn how to take advantage of the mesh governance capability of AMPLIFY Central to centrally manage APIs and microservices across multiple cloud and on-premise environments.

AMPLIFY Central for mesh governance (BETA)

Try AMPLIFY Central for free

To get full, free access to AMPLIFY Central for a trial period, go to AMPLIFY platform and sign up for a free trial.

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