Step 6—Test a deployed API proxy

You can test a deployed API proxy by invoking it using the API Central Service Test API Method feature. Alternatively, you can invoke the Endpoint URL of the API proxy using third-party test clients such as Postman or curl.

Test an API proxy using API Central Service

To use the API Central Service to test a deployed API proxy:

  1. Click API Proxies in the menu on the left, and select a proxy from the list (for example, Star Wars).
  2. On the Test Methods tab, select a runtime from Deployments (for example, Test Runtime).
  3. Select a method to try (for example, GET /films/ for the Star Wars API).
  4. If a an API key security policy has been configured, select a client application under Test API Method. You must have already generated an API key for this app. For more details, see Generate an API key for an app. This step does not apply when the default pass through security policy is configured.
  5. Click Execute.
  6. Click API Observer in the menu on the left to view the traffic levels and transaction log output. For more details, see Step 7—Monitor API traffic.

Test API proxy using Try It

Test an API proxy using Postman

Alternatively, the following shows an example of using the Postman test client to invoke the API proxy by pasting in the API key generated for the app by API Central Service:

Test an API proxy with API key configured in Postman

This example shows the API key sent in the message request header using the Bearer field name.

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