Step 7—Manage API products

API products are API proxies registered in API Central Service that are packaged as offerings to API consumers. API products enable you to package APIs based on how the API is used by the API consumer instead of how it is implemented. For example, API products can include a specific subset or bundle of API methods that are enabled for API consumers.

The lifecycle of API products is driven by when the API product manager wants to release offerings to API consumers. You can also create multiple API products from a single API proxy, which enables you to expose the same API proxy in different ways to different API consumers. For more details, see API products and API Central Service concepts.

This topic describes how API Central Service administrators and API product managers can create and delete API products.

Create API products

To create an API product in API Central Service:

  1. Click API Products in the menu on the left.
  2. Click + API Product at the top right.
  3. Enter the required API product details (name, version, and API proxy). For example, you can select an API proxy that you registered in Step 2—Register an API proxy to virtualize a back-end API. You can also enter an optional description or tags to help find your API product.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click View API product details.
  6. On the Methods tab, you can click the toggle button on the right to disable or enable access to each method in this API product. This allows you to define the specific set of methods that an API consumer can access.

The following shows a sample PetStore API product in which all the methods are enabled:

Sample API product

Delete API products

To delete an API product, click the garbage icon on the right of the API product, and in the dialog, click Delete API product.

API product list

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