Step 1—Get access to API Central Service

This topic describes the steps that all users must first perform to get access to API Central Service.

Sign up for an AMPLIFY platform account

To access API Central Service, you must first sign up for an AMPLIFY platform account at:

When you enter your email address, you will receive an email to activate your account and sign into the AMPLIFY platform. You are automatically the administrator of your own default AMPLIFY platform organization.

Access API Central Service

When you log in as AMPLIFY platform organization administrator, from the welcome page, click Labs, and under API Central, click Go:

AMPLIFY Platform Labs

AMPLIFY platform navigation bar

At any time, when logged in as AMPLIFY platform organization administrator, you also can click LabsAPI Central in the universal navigation bar to access API Central Service. This navigation bar is available from the drop-down menu beside the Axway logo at the top left:

AMPLIFY Platform navigation bar

API Central Service Home page

When logged into the AMPLIFY platform, the API Central Service Home page is available on, and provides useful details and wizards to help you get started:

API Central Home page

User permissions in API Central Service

When API Central Service access is provisioned, all users in the AMPLIFY platform organization have access to the service, and their permissions are dynamically created at first login. The user that is used to provision the API Central Service instance (for example, AMPLIFY platform administrator) automatically has the following API Central Service administrator roles:

  • API Central admin
  • Runtime admin

Other AMPLIFY platform users (for example, developers) will be added to a API Central Service team (for example, in a default API developer role). The API Central Service administrator has access to all teams and can assign users to teams and roles as necessary.

Sample API Central Service data

When API Central Service access is provisioned, some sample API Central Service data is also created, for example:

  • Default team
  • Sample API proxy
  • Sample test and production runtime groups

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