Step 3—Deploy the API proxy to runtime groups

When an API proxy has been registered, API Central Service administrators and API developers can deploy the API proxy to the API Central Service runtime groups in their organization:

  1. Click API Proxies in the menu on the left, and select an API proxy in the list to display its details.
  2. Click the Deployments tab.
  3. Click the Deploy button for the appropriate runtime group on the right (for example, the sample Test Runtime or Prod Runtime).
  4. Repeat to deploy to multiple runtime groups.

Deploy a proxy to a runtime group

When deployed, the Endpoint URL displays the URL from which the deployed API proxy is available for API consumers. Runtime groups apply to specific tenant organizations and are used to deploy multiple API proxies.

Undeploy or redeploy an API proxy

To undeploy or redeploy an API proxy to a specific runtime group, click the drop-down menu next to the cog icon on the right and select Undeploy or Redeploy.

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