Introduction to Connectors

Connectors are feature-rich, pre-built adapters to all the cloud apps you need to integrate.

  • Connectors share common services including discovery, search query, pagination, bulk uploading and downloading, logging, and interactive documentation.
  • Methods are normalized and accessible through RESTful APIs.
  • We keep each connector up to date with changes at the endpoint.
  • Each connector is a “Multi-tenant” connector supporting an unlimited number of authenticated accounts with no additional code required.

Connectors Catalog

The Connectors Catalog shows a list of connector cards that represent all of the connectors available to you. Connectors that already include authenticated connector instances appear at the top of the catalog. Each card shows the name and id of the connector, the number of authenticated connector instances, and the hub associated with the connector.

To work with a connector, hover over the connector card. You can authenticate a connector instance, see the API docs associated with the connector, export the connector in JSON format, and add your resources to the connector.

You can also build your custom connectors. These include a private label because they are available only to users in your organization.

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