Ecwid Events

Axway AMPLIFY currently supports events via polling or webhooks, depending on the endpoint.

  • Polling is a mechanism where Axway AMPLIFY executes the configured query every n minutes and captures the changed information.
  • Webhooks are when the rider lets Axway AMPLIFY know what information has changed. Note that an additional endpoint setup may be required before creating your Connector Instance.

Axway AMPLIFY normalizes only the objectId, objectType, and eventType event data. Event data also contains raw data, which the provider returns. The raw data varies based on the endpoint.

If you would like to see more information on our Events framework, see Events Overview.

Axway AMPLIFY supports webhook events for Ecwid.


Follow these steps to set up a new Ecwid Application for API integration. Via a web browser, go to, and sign up. It must be a paid account.

Once set up, please log in.

  1. Make a note of your Store ID as it will be needed to provision a connector Instance.

    Ecwid Connected App step 1

  2. Next, the Legacy API keys will need to be retrieved. To retrieve them, you must be logged in to your store then navigate to a Legacy API Key URL.


Your store ID is required in the Legacy API Key URL - replace INSERT_STORE_ID in the URL with your actual store ID.

Legacy API Key URL (Don't forget to insert your store ID):

Copy the Order and Product API secrets.

Ecwid Legacy API

If you wish to add event functionality, then please enter the following URL in the ION Cannon endpoint URL:

Ecwid Legacy API ION Cannon URL

Ecwid Orders are currently supported within the Events Framework.

To enable webhooks, add these two extra configurations to your instance JSON:

"event.notification.enabled": "true",
"event.notification.callback.url": "<INSERT_YOUR_APPS_CALLBACK_URL>"

Instance JSON with webhook events enabled:

  "element": {
    "key": "ecwid"
  "configuration": {
    "ecwid.order.key": "<INSERT_API_ORDER_SECRET>",
    "ecwid.product.key": "<INSERT_API_PRODUCT_KEY>",
    "": "<INSERT_STORE_ID>",
    "event.notification.enabled": "true",
    "event.notification.callback.url": "<INSERT_YOUR_APPS_CALLBACK_URL>"
  "tags": [
  "name": "<Insert_Instance_Name>"

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