Connector Builder- Setup Properties

After completing the connector information, configure the Properties on the Connector Builder Setup page. Properties include the Base URL, pagination information, and header formats.

To complete the Properties section:

  1. In the Base URL field, enter the URL where all API Requests will be sent. When you add resources, they are relative to the Base URL. Most API providers identify the Base URL in an Introduction, Getting Started, or Overview section.
  2. From the Pagination Type drop-down menu, select the approach to pagination supported by the API provider.
  3. In the Pagination Max field, enter the maximum number of returned records supported by the API provider. Some API providers describe Pagination Max as a limit. Find pagination information in the API documentation in a Pagination or Paging section.
  4. From Content-Type Header drop-down menu, select the media type that the API provider expects when they receive a request.
  5. In the Accept Header field, configure the response body media type that you expect to receive from the API provider.


    The Content-Type Header and Accept Headers have accompanying connector parameters. You can change the values in the Properties section or in Parameters.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Define authentication information.

Properties Parameters

Parameter Description Required
Base URL Endpoints are appended to the base URL. So, with an endpoint like, the base URL is Many API providers explicitly state the base URL, but in some cases, you can find it by looking at examples in the API documentation. Y
Pagination Max The maximum number of records the API provider returns in a response. Y
Pagination Type How the API provider provides pages of data. Find the pagination types in a Pagination section of the API documentation. Y
  A page starts with n — Pagination begins with either 1 or 0.  
  Offset — A numeric offset identifies the first page.  
  Cursor — A unique key connector identifies the first-page entry.  
Content-Type Header The supported request media type. Y
Accept Header The supported response media type. Y

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