Connector Builder- Extend Connectors

Connector Builder gives you the integration tools to extend the current feature set of any of our Connectors by adding a resource or method. If your use case requires a resource our Connector doesn't currently support, you can easily add it in yourself using Connector Builder.

Each connector starts with a standard set of features, including authentication, paging, errors, events, and search. Use Connector Builder to add:

  • Additional Resources: With an HTTP verb like POST, GET, PATCH, PUT, or DELETE).
  • Events: Axway AMPLIFY currently supports building integrations with polling or webhooks capability.
  • Bulk Functionality: Axway AMPLIFY supports bulk download of objects in JSON format if the endpoint supports filter by date.
  • Docs: API documentation is automatically generated for your updated connector.

Add Resources to an Existing Connector

You can extend connectors by adding resources. To add a resource, hover over connector card, and then click My Resources. After you arrive on the editable Resources page, follow the instructions in Define New Resources.

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