Building a Connector with Connector Builder

Building a connector is a multi-step process that you likely won't complete in a single sitting. We've broken the steps up in this section in separate topics linked from this topic. Here, we'll get you started and give you a high-level overview of how to build a connector.

The Workflow

While you can work on different parts of a connector throughout the entire creation process, in general, you will follow the high-level workflow shown below.

Information tab. Define the basic connector information (name, key, description, authentication type, API type, documentation URL, API version, and image).

Setup tab, Properties section. Configure the connector properties (base URL, pagination, and header information).

 Setup tab, Authentication section. Set up authentication information based on authentication types.

 Setup tab, Configuration, and Parameters sections. Define the configurations and related parameters needed to authenticate.

 Setup tab, Hooks section. Write custom pre-request and post-request hooks.

 Setup tab, Events section. Set up polling or webhook events.

 Resources tab. Define the API provider resources to which to connect.

Get Started

To begin building a connector:

  1. On the Connector Catalog page, click Build a New Connector.

  2. On the Builder page, click Create.

  3. Complete the Information tab.

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