This documentation has been deprecated. See Amplify Platform Management for the latest updates.

Dashboard 8.0.0 Release Note

Dashboard 8.0.0 - 17 July 2020 

Dashboard 8.0.0 is a major release, which includes new features, improvements, and one bug fix.

Please note that browser support for AMPLIFY Platform has been changed to no longer support Apple Safari 11.0 and below (version 11.1 or later is supported) or Microsoft Edge 16 and below. Please visit for the list of supported browsers and versions.

New features

  • This release introduces a new AMPLIFY Platform on-boarding experience and an all-new AMPLIFY Platform Home. AMPLIFY Platform Home now lists the capabilities to which your organization has access as well as common tasks available for those capabilities. Users can explore more offerings on a streamlined Products and Services page.
  • The common header (aka Unified Nav) has also been improved. A new Help & Resources dropdown provides links to document, support, and other resources. Once logged in, the header now shows new services menu on the left, allowing users to quickly switch between various Platform capabilities and their UIs, and a simplified user menu on the right, now showing your assigned role.
  • During activation of newly signed up users, a new page is now presented, asking which AMPLIFY Platform capabilities the org wishes to use. Feature trials will be automatically requested for the selected capabilities.
  • For organizations primarily using API Management capabilities, the Dashboard link on the AMPLIFY Platform Home page will now link to the new AMPLIFY Visibility UI. This new UI requires assignment of the "Analytics Specialist" role in order to access it.


  • Navigation between the Dashboard, Overview, and Custom Queries views has changed from a left-hand menu.
  • The link for the Download Premium Modules view has been relocated to the Dashboard left-hand menu.
  • Display of long app names of the Apps table is improved.
  • The Add (+) menu items for "Register App for Services" and "Create MBS Datasource" previously in the common header have been relocated to the Apps view's right-hand actions menu.
  • Added a "Manage Subscriptions" link to the Organization Overview above the Subscriptions table for on-demand organizations to manage their subscriptions.
  • Added support for indicating which administrator member of an organization is its primary contact on the organization Members view.
  • The organization Members view's Roles list now displays the reason why a role may not be available. E.g, if all seats for a given role are occupied, a "Seat limit reached" message is shown.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to add an existing platform user to a new or different organization may not behave as expected.

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