Re-enabling Test After Service Upgrade

Enterprise Subscription Required!


This AMPLIFY Appcelerator Services feature requires an Enterprise Subscription.

Whenever there is an update to the  Appcelerator Test service, you must re-enable Test on any Titanium, Android or iOS applications that you had previously enabled, as explained below.

Re-enabling Test for Titanium Applications

Titanium developers use Studio to update the plug-in, then re-enable Test in each project's tiapp.xml file.

To install the latest Test module and re-enable Test in a Titanium application :

  1. In Studio select Help > Check for Appcelerator Updates.

  2. Click Install in the Appcelerator Updates dialog that appears.

  3. Once the update is complete, do the following for each Studio project you had previously Test-enabled:

    1. Open the project's tiapp.xml file.

    2. Click Enable Services in the Appcelerator Services section to re-enable Test. Once enabled, a green checkmark appears next to Test.

Re-enabling Test for iOS and Android Applications

Objective-C, Swift and Java developers need to download the latest Appcelerator-Test CLI and run it against their projects.

To install the latest Appcelerator-Test CLI and re-enable Test in an Android or iOS application :

  1. Login to the AMPLIFY Platform.
  2. On the Dashboard tile, select Go to Dashboard.
  3. Select your application from the Projects menu.
  4. On the application's Overview screen, click the Services tab.
  5. Click Add Platform Services to your app on the Services tab.
  6. Click the Test tab.
  7. Follow the instructions shown there to download and run the new CLI tool. Also, see the  Appcelerator Test CLI Reference for details on using the utility.

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