Installation and Configuration

Installation of the API Management solution

Refer to product documentation to install the API Management solution.

Content of the delivery

Artifacts to help you put in place the solution are available in the Axway Marketplace: (Search for "MFT Flow Models").
The following artifacts are provided for the API Management layer configuration:



Product artifacts

Policy Studio project DigitalMFTPatternProject

  • Pattern policies
  • CG related policies (authentication, flow creation, flow deployment)
  • AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer KPS structure (table « environment »)

Fragment DigitalMFTPatternJSON.xml

  • Pattern JSON schemas (can be used in model map)

Fragment DigitalMFTKPS.xml

  • AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer KPS structure (table « environment »)

Sample artifacts

Fragment DigitalMFTSampleFragment_Policies.xml

  • Model Map policy samples
  • Datamap samples (created with Visual Mapper)
  • Flow schema samples (used by Datamap samples)
  • PatternMapCalls policies used to call policies provided in the project DigitalMFTPatternProject
  • Environment management policies (to initialize API Manager and CG environment related variables)

Fragment DigitalMFTSampleFragment_BusinessFlowAPI.xml

  • Business flow API samples whose methods calls previous policies (Model Map policy samples)

Refer to addendum  Decription of Policy studio configuration  for more information about the configuration

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