Create a new Business Flow API

Steps in Policy Studio

  • Step 1: Choose the pattern to be used (for example 0002_PARTNER_SFTP_PUSH_ST_PESIT_PUSH_CFT_APP)

  • Step 2: Create a new Model map

You can either use Visual Mapper (an example is provided) or set a JavaScript filter (as done for the pattern map).
If you opt for Visual Mapper, proceed as follows:

    1. Create a JSON schema in the Resources/JSON Schemas/DigitalMFTSamples subdirectory
    2. Define a Data Map using this new schema as an input format and using the right DigitalMFTPatterns schema as an output
    3. Map the various fields between the 2 formats using VisualMapper capabilities
  • Step 3: Create a new ModelMapSamples policy:
    1. Duplicate (copy/paste) one of the existing policies (for example RESTRICT-0002_PARTNER_SFTP_PUSH_ST_PESIT_PUSH_CFT_APP)
    2. Name the new created policy with your business use case
    3. Update the Execute Data Map filter to point the newly created Data Map
    4. Update the Set Pattern Attribute filter to reference the pattern
    5. Save the new configuration
  • Step 4: Create a new business flow REST API
    1. Create a new REST API with "Routing" pointing to the ModelProcessing policy
  • Step 5: Deploy the new configuration

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