Configure APIs in API Manager

Virtualize the Pattern API and businessFlow API

APIs created in API Gateway must be exposed in API Manager to be used by client application (customer ITMS portal for example).

Follow the different steps to configure the Backend API :

  • Connect to the API Manager UI
  • Before importing the API, create New organization if not already done.
    1. Click Clients
    2. Click Organizations
    3. And select New organization

  • Give Organisation name

  • Create the Backend URL using "Import API from Topology" option:

  • Connection with API Gateway credentials.

  • Import API form Topology
    • Select the right Group et Instance where the API is deployed
    • Select the PatternAPI API in Service
    • Select the Organization

  • Restart the same steps selecting BusinessFlowAPISamples.

Follow the steps below to configure the Frontend API :

  • Create the Frontend API based on the newly created Backend APIs:

  • Select the PatternAPI backend API.

  • For security, you can either choose Inbound Security, or just Pass Through for a first try.

  • Restart the same steps selecting the BusinessFlowAPISamples backend API.

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