How AI Suite Studio works

In this section we attempt to view the system from the IT point of view.

How Accounting Integration works, without AI Suite Studio

How  works, without AI Suite Studio

Here are the main phases of this diagram:

  • The Rule Engine Server takes in files, containing millions of events and dispatches them to a number of Rule Engines.
    Note that in a number of configurations the Rule Engines function without the help of a Rule Engine Server.
  • The output of the Rule Engine Server / Rule Engines are
    • Output events files, generated by the rules, to be transmitted to the systems downstream, such as accounting systems, statistics
    • Trace files , typically millions of lines long, that are transmitted to Axway Datastore.
  • The configuration is created and updated using Axway Composer

This process represents difficulties for IT people, because:

  • The accounting rules are complex and in constant change, requiring frequent reconfigurations, understanding of accountancy issues, and regular meetings with accounting personnel
  • The number of events, the complexity of the processing, the weight of past developments makes it difficult to understand what is going on

How AI Suite Studio fits in

AI Suite Studio produces output that is understandable to both IT and accounting people.

The Sampler takes the lines from the Trace files (output+input) and builds a Sampled Event File, keeping a single block of data per type of event. Example of one line in the sampler file:

  • All monthly repayments for 15-year 3.2% mortgage plans.

When new events appear in the Trace file, the sampler checks whether a corresponding block of information already exists. If not, it adds that block to the file. A single block of information in the sampled file thus represents thousands of lines in the Trace file (symbolized by the fact a single blue square in the sampled event file replaces several blue squares in the Trace file).

AI Suite Studio then displays the output in a UI showing methods, events and products, in a way that is accessible to both IT people and accountants.


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