Edit Accounting methods

Accounting methods (sometimes referred to as methods) are linked to events. Each method contains a list of movements populating accounts.

Accounting methods are automatically created when importing a configuration from the Rule Engine (mvt.xml file) or when importing sample data files. You can edit their properties:

  1. In the left-hand Navigation pane, select SpecificationsAccounting methods.
  2. Click on an Accounting method in the list, then click Edit
  3. Fill in the form entries in the General tab (access to editing different fields depends on your user privileges) :
    • Code - The ID of the Accounting method
    • Label - The name it will appear as in the UI (if left empty, Label=Code).
    • Domain - Choose from the list of existing domains.
    • Version - Any number. If not provided then the version is automatically set to default value of 1
    • Validity periods - The date period(s) during which the method or method version is relevant. 
    • Description, Tags - Help that you can provide for your end-users to find and understand this method
    • Links, Attachments: Further reading for your end-users to understand the method
  4. In the Data section, depending on your user privileges, you can click the headers of the table to edit the Parameters associated with the Accounting method:
    • Labels for the condition part and for each action row
    • Facet, Label and Description for each header representing a property (Criteria header is excluded);
    • Label and Description for each cell of the table from the Accounting method definition part.

Note that when viewing the Accounting method, the T-View is only available if the Parameters associated to the method include those associated with the Facets ACCOUNT, DIRECTION and AMOUNT.

It is possible to compute such parameters is they are not readily available. For example if you have parameters providing Debit amount and Credit amount, you can use Computed parameters to make AI Suite Studio compute the Direction and Amount.

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