Domains: Create/Export/Import

Domains are the top-level business categories.

To create a domain:

  1. Click Add button and select Domain
  2. Fill in the parameters as defined below:
    • Code - The ID of the Domain.
    • Label - The name that will appear in the UI. (if left empty, Label=Code).
    • Domain - (Optional) if selected, the new Domain will be a sub-domain of this Domain.
    • Category - Use this field to easily identify domains on which different users have rights to execute/ edit/ view
    • Description - Enter more information about this domain to help your end-users.
  3. Click Save

Export domain

You might want to export a domain for one of the following reasons:

  • to move a configuration from a test environment to the production environment
  • for demonstration purposes - to share information with another user
  • to communicate the configuration to the Axway support team, for troubleshooting purposes

To export a domain:

  1. Click Domains in the left pane of AI Suite Studio
  2. Select a domain in the list
  3. Click More... button, then select Export.

The domain is exported in the form of an file, containing a number of .json files, each file containing information about a specific type of object (parameters.json, dataTables.json, products.json...).

Note   To use this command, you must be granted the relevant permissions. 

Import domain

To import a domain that was previously exported (as explained above), proceed as follows:

  1. Click Domains in the left pane of AI Suite Studio
    If you wish the imported domain to be a sub-domain of an existing domain, select a domain in the list. If don't select any domain, the imported domain will appear as a top-level domain.

  2. Click More... button, then select Import.
  3. Browse to find an AI Suite Studio export zip file. They have names beginning with:
  4. If the import is successful, a message appears giving the number of imported objects of different types.
    In case of error, a message explaining the reason of the error is displayed.

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