Verify log files

The installation log files are located as follows:

  • Install log file - [install directory]\install.log.
  • Storage log file - [install directory]\AISuiteStudio\storage\log\storage.log
  • AI Suite Studio application log file - for an installation made with AIS web server
    [install directory]\AIS\Tools\apache-tomcat\logs\aistudio.log

The installation log file holds the information about all actions performed on the installation in time (installation, configure, uninstall) and are always appended to the file.

For support purposes it is extremely important that you do not tamper with this file. If it becomes too big, you can split it and archive it. If you have to contact Axway for support, consider providing all archived logs to them.

The format of the log message is:

  • Date – Date when message was logged
  • Classifier – Type of message (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL)
  • Message_body – Description of error

By default, Installer logs only the INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL messages. In case of issues you want to report to Axway Support, it is crucial that you provide the detailed log containing the DEBUG messages. To enable this type, launch the operation again with the “-d” option: -d

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