AI Suite Studio installation parameters

This section explains the installation of AI Suite Studio, using the Axway Installer software.

Installation steps

The list of sections below represent the steps in the installation process. 

Launch setup

Locate and run the setup file in the root folder of the installation package.

GUI mode:

  • UNIX/Linux:
  • Windows: setup64.exe

Console mode:

  • UNIX/Linux: -m console
  • Windows: setup64.exe -m console

License agreement

There are some differences for reviewing the end-user license agreement (EULA) in GUI and console modes.

  • In GUI mode
    • Read the EULA and click I agree if you accept its terms and conditions. This also lets you continue to the next page. You can also print the license agreement by clicking the print link. You must have a web browser installed for this otherwise the page will not open.
    • Click Quit to stop the installation at any time.
  • In Console mode
    • A print link for the EULA is not available.
    • The EULA may not be displayed entirely if there is not enough space in the console buffer.
    • If you want to read or print the EULA file, it is available in HTML or .txt format at the root folder of the installation package.

Installation directory

Note   This product does not support installation in a path containing spaces.

It is recommended to install AI Suite Studio in the same directory as the root folder of the AIS installation, for example: \AxwayInstall\<AIS_installation_name>\.

If you choose to:

  • install AI Suite Studio on a directory or system outside the Accounting Integration Suite installation, and/or
  • use a different Web server than the one offered with AI Suite, and/or
  • use a database for the Repository other than the internal Axway database

then follow the procedure indicated in Install with custom options.

Select products

Select the AI Suite Studio product to install. To set the installation options for a product, click the arrow to the right of the product name and select the installation option from the drop-down list.

Ready to install

After configuring your product, review the installation configuration and click Install to begin installing. When the progress bar displays Installation complete, the installation is finished and displays one of the following:

  • The install action completed successfully
  • The install action completed with errors
  • The install action completed with warnings

Installation summary

For each product, review the installation summary. The Installer displays one of the following messages:

  • For a successful installation:
    • Installation folder
    • Installed modules
  • For a failed installation:
    • Error while executing task: [task name]
    • [reason]
    • Installation aborted by the user (if this was the case)
  • Log file location
    • For a failed installation, check the Installer log file.

Verify the installation

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