The AI Suite Studio UI

This section provides a reference to the AI Suite Studio User Interface, from the perspective of the end-user. For information on how to create objects, refer to Create the AI Suite Studio Objects

Areas of the User Interface

Areas of the UI

The top section

  • Search area - Enter search queries to limit the number of search results. The number of results displayed in the middle column is restricted by all the search and filter criteria: the search string, the category selected in the left part.
  • Workspace -  Offers the list of Workspaces defined in your application. Edits to the names of items, as described in Create objects of AI Suite Studio, are restricted in to a single workspace. This provides different users with independent sandboxes they can customize to each have their own specific view of the data.
  • Language selection - Choose between English and French.
  • Login user name - Click here to log out.
  • Help - Opens the About box (gives the version of the AI Suite Studio), and the Documentation.

The left pane

Filters are listed in the left hand pane.

Specifications are the types of object to display:

  • Domains are the top-level business categories.
  • Products are the products offered by the company, such as loans, savings accounts, etc.
  • Business events (sometimes referred to as events) are the state changes that rhythm the life of those products: open account, pay installment, make deposit, close account, etc.
  • Accounting methods (sometimes referred to as methods) are linked to events. Each method contains a list of movements populating accounts.
  • Parameters determine values, describing the properties of movements. They are created at configuration import and their values can be retrieved from a Data table.
  • Data tables and Charts of accounts can be imported and associated to the documentation to provide additional information to the users.

The middle pane

Search results are listed in the middle pane.

  • Add, Remove buttons - Authorized users can create or delete objects
  • Sort button - Offers to sort in ascending or descending order

The right-hand pane

The right-hand pane contains details about the item selected in the central pane. The display options available depend on the type of object.



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