The General tab

The General tab presents the following information about the Product object:

  • Code - The ID of the Product
  • Label - The name it will appear as in the UI (if left empty, Label=Code).
  • Domain - Choose from the list of existing domains.
  • Version - Any number. If not provided then the version is automatically set to default value of 1
  • Validity periods - Period(s) during which the version of the product is relevant (if empty, it is always relevant).
  • Description - Enter more information about this product to help your end-users.
  • Tags - Information to help your end-users find and understand this Product
  • Links, Attachments - Further reading for end-users to understand the Product

For information about how to create Products, read Create Products.

The Business Events graph

Accessible from the Business events tab, this graph illustrates the role each Business event successively plays in the life of the product, and the relations between different events. Click on a node on the graph to open the corresponding Business event.

For an explanation of how to edit this graph, read Create a Graph of Business Events

The Accounting methods tab

This tab in the Products section lists the Accounting methods associated with the selected Product.

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