Overview of AI Suite Studio

In the past, most accountants did not have sufficient insight into the workings of Accounting Information Systems. They saw millions of events, files, or payments, entering the system. They saw the outputs. But they had no insight into how that result was obtained. They participated in the configuration process, giving information about how the system should work; but the actual manipulation of the software tools for configuring (such as Composer) was in the hands of more IT-oriented people such as Business Analysts or Technical Analysts. Added to that, the definitions, rules and regulations that governed their activity were (and still are!) in constant change, which made gaining an overall view of the system that much more difficult.

Accountant's view, before AI Suite Studio

Accountant's view, before AI Suite Studio

(InterPlay was added to this diagram because it is part of the accountant's view of the system, as it is accounting personnel who use that product to analyze transactions rejected by the Batch processes, handle them manually, and feed them back into the system.)

With AI Suite Studio

AI Suite Studio provides an accountant-friendly vision of the working of the Accounting Integration Suite, that helps in each phase of the process.

  • Identify - In the everyday operation of the system (batch processing), accountants can understand what is going on, and identify which accounting rules are being fired to produce a given output. If anything seems unusual, this will either give them a reassuring explanation about why things are happening this way, or will provide them with information they can present to IT personnel to justify their concern about the configuration.
  • Test and Acceptance - IT personnel people can present the results of the configuration work to accountants in an understandable format
  • Proof - Accountants in charge of verifying the configuration of the system are provided with tools to visualize how the rules are actually functioning,
  • Reference - Accountants (particularly if they are new to the company, or to the profession) can gain a better view of the operation of the system, and make the connection between accounting principles, rules and regulations, and what is actually going on.

New insights with AI Suite Studio:

New insights with AI Suite Studio

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