Multiple formats

The Computed parameter named Multiple formats is relevant when the same facet can be represented by one out of a number of different base parameters.

The value of a generated facet is computed as follows:

  • The expected situation is that only one of the base parameters in a row has a value. In this case, the generated facet displays that value.
  • If there is more than one value present among the base parameters, then the generated cell displays an error message
  • If no base parameter has any value, then no value is displayed, and the corresponding cell in the table remains blank.

To create a new Multiple format-type Computed parameter:

  1. Click Add button and choose Computed ParameterThe Add Computed Parameter window appears in the right-hand pane.
  2. Select the type of Computation function: Multiple formats
  3. Fill in the form on the General tab:
    • Code - The ID of the Computed parameter
    • Label - The name that will appear in the list of Computed parameters
    • Domain - Choose from the list of existing domains.
    • Description, Tags, Links, Attachments - Helps you can provide to your end-users, to find and understand this Computed Parameter object
  4. Click the Data tab.

  5. In the Facet list, select the facet that you intend to generate.
  6. Specify the label for the published data. 
  7. Add as many parameters as required: Click Select a parameter to pick an item in the list, then click Add parameter to add another one.
  8. Generable parameter label: name appearing in the header of the generated parameter in the output table.
  9. The new parameter will become effective after you select Publish in the More list.
    For more information about publishing, see Publishing Computed parameters

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