Create Products

Products are the products offered by the company, such as loans, savings accounts, etc.

To create a product:

  1. Click Add button and select Product
  2. On the General tab fill in the parameters as defined below:
    • Code - The ID of the Product.
    • Label - The name that will appear in the UI. (if left empty, Label=Code).
    • Domain - Choose from the list of existing domains.
    • Version - Any number. If not provided then the version is automatically set to default value of 1.
    • Validity periods - Period(s) during which the version of the product is relevant.
      • If no validity period is provided, then the product is considered valid for any period of time.
      • You can define open intervals up to the current date, or from current date onwards.
    • Description, Tags - These can help your end-users find and understand this product.
    • Links, Attachments - Further reading for your end-users to understand this product.
  3. Click Business events tab to create the event graph as described in Create a Graph of Business Events
  4. Click Accounting methods tab to can see the methods attached to the events selected in the event graph. Information on this tab cannot be modified from here.
  5. Click Save button

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