Create Data Tables

Data tables and Charts of accounts can be imported and associated to the documentation to provide additional information to the users.

Data Tables are imported from CSV files whose contents are representative of the data you want to manage in AI Suite Studio

To create a Data Table:

  1. Click Add button and choose Data tableThe Add Data Table window appears in the right-hand pane.
  2. Fill in the form on the General tab:
    • Code - The ID of the Data Table
    • Label - The name that will appear in the UI
    • Domain - Choose from the list of existing domains.
    • Description, Tags, Links, Attachments - Helps you can provide to your end-users, to find and understand this Data Table object
  3. Click the Data tab and then the Import button.
  4. The Import csv file window appears. In that window:
    • browse to choose the CSV file
    • determine the date format used inside the file
    • determine the separator (using a text editor, look inside the CSV file to determine separator and date format)
  5. The file appears in table form in the Data tab.
    Note: You are not only importing the data itself (the individual content of each row), but also the structure of that data. Check the following steps to confirm that the structure is correct.
  6. Click table headers to check whether their type is recorded correctly. A ribbon will open with information about: Code, Type, Label, Facet and Description for each column property.  If the type is incorrect, set it using the Type list box.
  7. Specify the facets attributed to different columns using the Facet list box. 
    This step is very important, as it determines how the data from this Data Table will align with the rest of the data model of AI Suite Studio. The facets available are as follows:
    • none - The column is not mapped to any facet.
    • KEY – The field used as the reference of the transaction - in other words, the identifier of the row in the Data Table. Only one column can have the KEY facet per data table.
      Note: Once set and the Data Table saved, the Key cannot be changed.
    • LABEL - A column with this facet will be used as a label for the parameters associated to the data table. Only one column can have the LABEL facet per data table
    • INFO - More info for the end-user, such as the tooltip
    • Validity_Start_Date/Validity_End_Date - Start/End of the period during which the product and version are relevant
  8. Click Save button

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