Business events

To view a Business event, click on Business event and select the name of an event in the list. The Business event view has two tabs: General and Accounting methods.

The General tab

The General tab presents the following information about the event object:

  • Code - The ID of the event
  • Label - The name it will appear as in the UI (if left empty, Label=Code).
  • Domain - Choose from the list of existing domains.
  • Version - Any number. If not provided then the version is automatically set to default value of 1
  • Validity periods - Period(s) during which the version of the event is relevant (if empty, it is always relevant).
  • Description - Enter more information about this Business event to help your end-users.
  • Tags - You can use these to help your end-users find and understand this event
  • Links, Attachments - Provide further reading to understand the event

The Accounting methods tab

In Business events, this tab presents the list of the methods associated with the selected Business event. Their presentation is similar to that described in the Accounting methods. In addition to the viewing options described in that section, you can:

  • Expand/collapse the Accounting methods in the list, using the toggle action link Hide all/ Show all.
  • Select a sample from the list box. The sample will display real data for the methods involved in the data flow described. Taking the example of a business event linked to 3 Accounting methods AM1, AM2, AM3, there might be a sample 1 involving methods AM1 and AM2, a sample 2 involving methods AM1 and AM3, and so on.

The Accounting methods tab in Business Events


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