About this guide

This guide describes how to install AI Suite Studio.

About AI Suite Studio

AI Suite Studio is an optional component of Accounting Integration Suite. It provides a web user interface to browse and annotate the business oriented documentation that is automatically generated from the configuration of the Rule Engine. Possible usages of AI Suite Studio include:

  • Book of accountingmethods – accountants, particularly if they are new to the company, or to the profession - can gain a better view of the operation of the system, and make the connection between accounting principles, rules and regulations, and what is actually going on.
  • Validation - Business and IT people can work together to validate the accounting configuration.
  • Proof - Accountants in charge of verifying the configuration of the system are provided with tools to visualize how the rules are actually functioning.

For further information about AI Suite Studio, read the AI Suite StudioUser Guide.

Who should read this guide

This guide is intended for enterprise personnel involved in installing/ configuring software and Axway Professional Services personnel. Familiarity with Accounting Integration Suite products is mandatory.

This guide presumes you have knowledge of:

  • Your company’s business processes and practices
  • Your company’s business products and flows
  • AxwayComposer
  • Axway Accounting Infrastructure and Accounting Infrastructure services: Repository and Designer.

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