Numbers and date formats

There are two ways of adapting the formats for numbers, amounts and dates to your locale and preferences:

Editing files directly

The configurable parameters of the AI Suite Studio are found in files, located under the folder …\AISuiteStudio\war\WEB-INF\classes\locales, inside the english\ and french\ subfolders.

The file contains key/value pairs for all the configurable parameters. Date formats are valid throughout the application. The information related to numbers is applied for amounts in samples.

The following formats are available for dates:

  • yy – two-digit year, for example 17
  • yyyy – four-digit year, for example 2017
  • MM – two-digit month, for example 04
  • dd – two-digit day, for example 02

Note that MMM is not currently available.

The following separators are available:

  • "/" slash
  • "." dots or full stops
  • "-" hyphens or dashes
  • "_" underscores

Note that " " (space) is not available as a separator, in dates as in numbers.


Let`s say you decide to change the date format for French from default dd/MM/yyyy to yyyy-MM-DD (from 25/12/2016 to 2016-12-25).

Go to location …\AISuiteStudio\war\WEB-INF\classes\locales\french\ and change value for key from dd/MM/yyyy to yyyy-MM-dd and save the file.

This should make the change only if no dictionary from Designer is overriding the value of the key.

Using the Axway Designer interface

To achieve the format change of the example above using Axway Designer, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to the Designer application
  2. Double-click on AIDictionaries collection
  3. Switch to Dictionaries tab
  4. Click on the [+] icon to create a new dictionary. Name it aistuido
  5. Switch to the Messages tab, and click on the [+] icon to create a new message. Fill in the Message details form as follows:
    Language: French
    Message: yyyy-MM-DD

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