The goal of visibility is to capture events and to assign business relevance to them.

AI Suite provides the following visibility features:

  • End-to-end, near real-time visibility: Monitor transactions and events throughout your community in real time
    • Identify trends and opportunities more quickly with real-time visibility of transactions and events
    • Reduce problem resolution time and costs by up to 80 percent with event monitoring, non-event detection, and proactive notification of process disruptions
    • Improve flow management with a centralized, global view of your IT operations and business processes
  • Enterprise intelligence: Gain the data needed to define and initiate immediate action — automatically
    • Aggregate business metrics with a correlation rules engine that defines business and technical key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Process monitored data to define and initiate actions automatically
  • Flexibility, interoperability, usability: Open, service-oriented architecture provides true interoperability within your infrastructure and with your trading partners
    • Monitor any application script or application in your environment
    • View real-time visual representations of system and business process health through customized KPI dashboards
    • Extend capabilities to business managers and partners with minimal training, using a user-friendly interface


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