In addition to the accounting integration services, AI Suite can provide the following processing services:

Custom integration

Management of simple and complex integration processes that include:

  • Transformation of content
  • Protocol mediation
  • The ability to support files of any size, messages and APIs

Real-time, scalable core processing services for quick data integration can be designed and implemented as complex processes regardless of the data source.

Messaging processing may be applied at any step of the integration process. This includes:

  • Controlling syntax and semantics
  • Enrichment, including database and web services call
  • Applying any-to-any transformation
  • Splitting the received data into multiple sub-messages
  • Creating the acknowledgments for successful or failed operations
  • Enveloping or grouping messages retrieved from multiple sources
  • Routing messages to the appropriate destination

Process management

An orchestration process defines the proper execution of automatic as well as human activities and initiates these activities through time. It can be used to orchestrate complex processes combining the AI Suite services: accounting integration, data entry, audit trail, custom integration, and so on.

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