Data entry

AI Suite provides a data entry service that enables the manual entry of new business events or accounting adjustments. It also provides the ability to correct events that have been rejected during the accounting integration process.

The data entry features include:

  • Unit input and mass input
  • Unit correction and mass update
  • Access to rejected events from the error list
  • Configurable controls on entered data
  • Access to internal or external repositories
  • Multi criteria search
  • Error statistics
  • Life cycle management for flows of data or events
  • Export to Excel files
  • Reports
  • Audit of corrected data

Manual data entry

The following diagram shows the global process for manual data entries.

  1. Users enter new business events or new accounting entries.
  2. Entered or modified properties are controlled.
  3. Entered data is validated.
  4. New events are exported to be integrated in the target application.

Exception handling

AI Suite provides exception handling services that allows rejected data to be manually corrected and reprocessed.

The exception handling services can:

  • Process errors that are not linked to operational systems, such as those due to repository desynchronization.
  • Speed up error management when returning to operational systems is complex or when multiple control steps are required.
  • Ensure the integrity of data flow processing.

The following diagram shows the global process for exception handling.

  1. Rejected events are imported into AI Suite.
  2. Users view and correct errors and the entries are validated.
  3. New events are exported to the target application.

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