Accounting transformation

AI Suite provides transformation services that enable companies to quickly integrate business application information with general ledgers, compliance-enabled reporting, and financial monitoring systems through a single point of control.

These services include:

  • Data quality controls through identification of the data flow and the source application, validation of the data flow structure, numerical and date fields, and duplicate flows
  • Data enrichment using internal and external repositories, for example, market values and currency rates
  • Accounting transformation to create the general ledger postings for different GAAPs:
    • Application of accounting schemes to create debit and credit entries
    • Assignment of general ledger accounts
    • Calculation of the accounting effective date based on the general ledger period calendar and backdate considerations
  • Reversal process to reverse journal entries previously posted in the general ledger
  • Technical transformation including data conversion, technical mappings, and feeds for financial systems other than the general ledgers
  • Aggregation or consolidation of general ledger postings or of business events based on selected criteria, partial or global aggregation
  • Balancing check to control that the total of debit entries is equal to the total of credit entries based on a list of criteria
  • Generation of multiple outputs from single source business data
  • Generation of reports

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