Import the AI Enabler configuration

Before InterPlay can import AI Enabler Input Events or rejected Input Events, you must beforehand configure InterPlay with the Input Event definitions.

Import the AccountingIntegrator configuration

Export Finance

In Composer 3.5 and above, the Administrator uses the Export Finance function to export the AI Enabler Process-Context-In and Input-Events objects into an XML file.

Administration script

The Administrator executes an administration batch script that transforms the XML file into InterPlay configuration files.

This script:

  • Transforms the AI Enabler configuration into an InterPlay configuration file.
  • Integrates, if needed, additional information via an annotation file.
    The annotation file is a property file that allows for small transformations in the original configuration.

For more information, refer to AccountingIntegrator configuration import script.


The administrator executes an administration batch script that imports the configuration file into the Designer.

Input-Events now correspond to Objects, while Process-Context-Ins are transformed into Collections.

For more information, refer to Import scripts.

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