About Editors


Each Editor corresponds to a Collection Type, Object Type or Element Type. It is identified by a name and a version. You can associate one or more editors to each type and you can use the same editor for several versions of the same type.

Editor definition

An Editor defines a view on a Collection, an Object or an Element.

It configures the:

  • Type of objects the editor can display:
    • Collection Type
    • Object Type
    • Element Type
  • Layout properties
    • Form Pages that display fields according to the configurable layouts provided: 2-column layout or flow layout. Fields can be dispatched on several Form pages.
      The Form page defines:
      • Graphical properties of a Field: label, tool tip, color, edit status, and so on.
      • Controls used to verify the data that is entered
      • Dynamic behavior of the editor when user input can trigger modifications of data or changes in the graphical properties of another field. For example, a Field can appear or disappear depending on the value entered in another field.

    • Table pages display a list of nested objects.
  • Editor category. If you specify a category property for the Editor, you can only use Editors of the same category to process an object created within the same category. If you do not specify any category, you can use any editor to view the object.

The Collection selection table or Object selection table specify the validity period for the Collection / Object editor.

For more information, refer to InterPlay edition model.

Editor selection

The editor identifier is used in the selection process. It includes a name and a version and is stored in the object system properties.

When an Object or a Collection is opened, Interplay:

  • Checks in the Editor selection tables which editors are associated to the given type and have a valid period.
  • Calls the security service to filter out the editors the user is not entitled to use.
  • You can then choose any of the remaining editors.

If no Editor meets the requirements, InterPlay displays a message that informs you that you are not allowed to open the Collection / Object.

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