Use Tags in Datastore

Query wizard

In the General information screen, you can select a Tag for both input and output fields to:

  • Filter the object types.
  • Gather results from different Object Types that are grouped under the same tag value.

In the Filter expression screen, you can select among the union of all the properties of the types that have the same tag.

Use cases

  1. Property with same name and same type
    It is assumed that it is the same property, no matter what the Object Type is. The tool tip contains the list of Object Types where the property appears. Each Object Type is displayed on one line and if the line contains more than 3 entries, the last line contains "...".
  1. Property with same name and different type
    The name appears twice in the list. The tool tip contains the Object Type.


The TAG1 is set on the two following types:

  • TypeA: P1, P2, P3
  • TypeB: P1, P2, P4

The "Select TAG1 where P4=1" query returns only TypeB instances.

The "Select TAG1 where P2=1" query returns TypeA and TypeB instances.

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