Define Criteria for Datastore

About Datastore Criteria

Criteria are properties viewed as functional keys and used to search a subset of information. Within Datastore, criteria are implemented in a certain way to optimize the performance of queries. They must be selective: each value must match the smallest possible number of records.

To select the right criteria, you must be aware of the major queries that the user will create and launch in Datastore. You also need to have a good knowledge of the data that will be injected in the Datastore. Criteria must be defined in Object Types or Element Types properties in the Designer.

You can define one or many criteria. Using common criteria (same Name & Type) for many Object Types in one Space improves the searching process.

Set Criteria in Designer

In the Axway AI Suite Designer:

  1. Open the Property Type main screen.
  2. On the Details tab, select Yes in the Criterion field of the Audit section.
Note   You must define each inherited Property Type as criteria.

Use Criteria in Datastore Runtime

In the Query Wizard, select only index properties in the properties combo box to see the available criteria. In AccountingIntegrator, the most common criteria for Output-Event should be the at least the account or sum of fields defining the account.

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