Create Datastore report templates

Datastore specific templates can be created in the BIRT Designer from scratch or using the report templates delivered with the sample configuration.

There are two types of templates that can be used to generate reports on query results:

  • Single-query reports: reports that use only one query result (only one view)
  • There are two system parameters that can be used by default in the single-query reports:
    • USERNAME: the name of the user generating the reports
    • EXECUTION_ID: the execution identifier in the cache table
  • Multi-query reports: reports that use only one query. You can create a multi-query report by adding in the XML file a list of sub-queries that can be generated after the main query is executed:





In the BIRT template design, the views associated to each query can be used to create datasets and the execution identifiers must be differentiated for each query:

For multi-query templates, the naming convention for the EXECUTION_ID system parameters is: <query_name>#EXECTION_ID<index>

For example: Query_new#REQUEST_ID1, QueryDetails#REQUEST_ID2

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