Define the Collection Type selection

The Collection Type Selection object defines the conditions to select the right Collection Type the product is going to use when a Document is imported.

On the Conditions tab, enter the validity period and the filter expression for each Collection Type.

Specify the Collection Type selection

Complete the fields.

Field Type / Max. length Contents
Collection Type name String / 30 Identifier of the Collection Type
Collection Type version Integer / 4
Valid from Date Start of validity for the Collection Type
Valid to Date End of validity for the Collection Type
Filter expression String / 500

Filtering expression on the Collection Properties.

A Filter Expression is used to find the Collection Type to be used for the injection. A Filter is applied only when a Collection Type identification is performed by the collection property file.

The expression is composed of a conjunction or a disjunction of tests where each test is expressed as <property> <operator> <value>.

<property> corresponds to the system and user properties of the objects on which the filter is applied: Collection or Object.

Possible operators are:

  • is null, not null
  • like, not like
  • =, !=, >, <, >=, <=
  • in { <v1> , <v2>}

Values must be written between double quotes.

Filtering expressions are used at several places in the User Interface as well as in the administration scripts.

Example: SOURCE="ACCDOC" and FILENAME like "Acc"

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