Enter global settings

The Designer enables you to specify global settings for the different components:

  • General parameters
  • Advanced parameters
  • Importers
  • Space

The structure of the global settings is defined as follows.

  1. On the Details tab, you set the parameters that you want to modify. See Specify global settings details.
  1. On the Importers tab, you define the importers that you want to use.
    An importer is identified by:
    • A name and a description
    • A Datasource that defines the columns
    • The Object Type name and version on which it applies
    • A reader type and name
    • Information about the reader (date and date time format, separator, encoding, if it has a comment line, the extension and the clean first choice)
  2. See Specify global settings Importers.
  3. On the Spaces tab, you add a space by setting a name, an editable flag a partition policy and a security type.

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