Apply a mass update

The mass update action enables you to modify properties of many Objects or Elements in one transaction. This action is available for a:

  • List of Objects
  • List of Elements

When the mass update is performed on a list of Objects and if more than one editor can be used to create the Objects then you can select the Editors to use to perform the mass update.

The editor determines the:

  • Properties that can be used in the filter.
  • Properties that can be modified.

Prerequisite: The mass update action is only available if you have previously locked the Collection or the Object.


  1. Open a Collection, an Object or an Element (or alternatively, select in the editor the table page and filter the objects you want to modify).
  2. Click Release lock to editto lock the object (s).
  3. Click Mass update.
    Designer displays the file update dialog window.

  1. Use and to add or remove conditions.
    Designer adds/deletes the condition (s) in the dialog right pane.
  2. To define the action to apply on the selected level, select the:
  • Property to modify.
  • Value to set.
  1. Use and to add or remove actions.
    Designer adds/deletes the action (s) in the dialog right pane.
  2. Click Execute.
    Designer displays the execution statistics.

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