Set the Designer script parameters

You set the configuration parameters used in the scripts in the file.

To set the script parameters, see:

About scripts common variables

The file contains variables that are common to many scripts:

  • Database connection variables are parameters that make the database URL up.
Parameter Description
DBHost Database host
DBport Database port
DBInstance Name of the database instance
DBDriver Driver used to connect to the database
DBType Database type (oracle)

User name for the connection to the database.

The same database user is used for all accesses to the database.


Encrypted password.

The password can be changed via the encryptPassword script.

DBUrl The complete database URL. It will be used if it is specified, otherwise the database URL will be computed using the above arguments. It provides a way to specify complex database URLs.
  • Designer connection variables are parameters that specify the:
    • Designer Web server URL
    • Designer Web application identifier

Designer connection variables

Parameter Description
Host Host machine
Port Port of the Web server
Context Web application name (designer-web)
CommunicationProtocol HTTP or HTTPS protocol
ApplicationUser User name for the connection to the product.
ApplicationPassword Password for the connection to the product.
ApplicationUserDomain Domain for the connection to the product.

Add a parameter prefix

You can define several values for the same parameters by adding a prefix to the parameter name. This enables you to switch quickly from one configuration parameter set to another from the command line.

Most of the variables in the file can have a prefix. The following variables are however exceptions:

  • ArchiveDestDirectory
  • ArchiveDestFileName
  • ArchiveBasedir
  • Application connection variables
  • SetUpExecution
  • TrustStoreFile
  • TrustStorePass

The product searches first for the variable with the given prefix, and if no variable is found, it searches for the variable without the prefix.


If the file contains the following parameters for the export document action:


ExportDocsByFilterConditionFilter = collection.bpi=99

Set1.ExportDocsByFilterConditionFilter = collection.bpi=100

Set2.ExportDocsByFilterConditionFilter = collection.bpi=101

In the command line, you specify the prefix to use:

ant -DPrefix=Set1 exportDocuments

This runs the exportDocuments script with the Set1.ExportDocsByFilterConditionFilter parameter.

The ExportDocsByFilterDirectoryPath parameter is used if the prefix is different from Set1 and Set2 or if no prefix is given.

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