AccountingIntegrator configuration import script

Use the transformConfiguration script to transform an Export Finance XML file exported from AccountingIntegrator into Datastore / InterPlay configuration files.

This script generates the Formats and Dictionaries that will be imported into the Designer via the ImportDocument script.

In transformation, the first segment with multiplicity equal to 1 is automatically used as properties for the Object type. This segment will not be added as an Element type.

This is overridden for the ant command if there is another definition in the annotation file.

For more information about available annotation file options, check the file from <DesignerInstall>/extra/work/AccInt/financialExport.

The internal table definitions from the financial export file are transformed into corresponding object types which are saved in a Formats collection called AIReferential. The transformation takes into account the general table definition and all column definitions.

After deployment you can create table entries using Datastore / InterPlay editors or you can import them from a CSV file. Each object type will have a default auto generated editor but custom editors can be created as well.

The following table shows the correspondence between Composer types and Datastore / InterPlay:

Composer types Datastore / InterPlay types
Alphanumeric String
Date Date
Number / Signed / Packed length <= 9 Integer
length >= 10 and length <=18 Long
length >= 19 Decimal
Number with decimals Decimal


  • TransformConfigurationSourceDirectoryName: Name of the directory where the Export Finance XML files and the optional annotation file are located.
  • TransformConfigurationExportDirectoryName: Name of the directory where the created files are stored.
  • TransformConfigurationAnnotationFileName: Name of the annotation file. If there is no annotation file attached, it must be an empty string.

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