Repository component scripts

Script Description

Unregisters the specified component.

The component is now unavailable in the registry. This script is run automatically when a component is uninstalled.

Parameter: <componentName>

Example: unregisterComponent Designer

The Designer component is not available anymore in the Registry.


Unregisters the PassPort parameters for the specified application.

Parameter: <applicationName>


unregisterPassport designer

Cleans all the information related to Passport from the Designer application. It means that access to all resources in this application is under Passport jurisdiction.


Exports the PassPort parameters from the registry into the specified export directory.

Parameter: <applicationName> [ExportDirectory]


Exports the component information from the registry into the specified export directory. The directory must exist on the disk.

You can use the exportComponent command to backup your registry before running unregister in Administration.

Parameter: <componentName> [ExportDirectory]

Example: exportComponent designer c:/export

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