Specify global settings details

Complete the fields.

Field Type / Max. length Contents
Languages String / 500

List of languages that InterPlay proposes in the user interface and for which it loads the corresponding dictionaries.

Statistics grouping String / 500 List of Error properties that are used to group errors and create statistics
Save checks String / 1

Value (Yes/No) set to specify if the Save Collection and Save Object functions must be called.

Multi-lines String / 1

Value (Yes/No) set to allow a new line character in text area.

Drawback: Setting this parameter to Yes has a negative impact on performances of the export operation.

Session timeout Integer

Time-out period assigned to the application (in milliseconds).

If the user session is idle for more than the specified duration, it is automatically closed.

Note User sessions are kept on the server and the idle period is measured based on calls to the server. Please be aware that not all the actions from the user interface trigger a call to the server.

Template Identifier String / 30

Name of the property used to identify the template libraries.

Template libraries are Collections that are proposed when you create a new Object.

Authorize partial move String / 1 Value (Yes/No) set to specify if the user can execute a copy or a move even if custom functions have detected errors before the operations.
Date format String /100 Default date format
Date Time format String / 100 Default date time format
Export file extension String /30 File extension when using the Export to Excel action
Line size for fix reader / writer Integer / 4 Length of a line for single line fixed flat file reader and writer.
Spring context file String / 250 List of the XML files where the services and exits are registered.
Tags String / 1000 List of possible tags that can be used throughout the application.
Complete sequence generation String / 1 Value (Yes/No) set to specify if a sequence number is generated when a duplicate or copy action is executed.
Level Monitoring String / 100

List of monitoring options. Each of these options activates the storage of detailed information on different types of changes. The stored information is composed of one or several records that may be queried using the InterPlay API. Possible values are:

  • Change property collection - Monitors the changes on collection properties. One record is created per property change.
  • Change property object - Monitors the changes on object properties. One record is created per property change.
  • Change Status object/element - Monitors the status changes on objects, elements and associated children. One record is created for the parent (object or element) and for each child as the status change is propagated from parent to children.

  • Copy - Monitors the copy of objects and elements. One record event is created for each copied object/element.

  • Import Excel - Monitors the Excel import. One record is created for each imported object/element.

  • Mass deletion - Monitors the mass deletion that occurs when the user deletes all existing objects/elements from the current parent when importing an Excel file. One record is created for each deleted object/element.

  • Mass Update - Monitors the mass update of objects/elements. One record is created for each modification performed on each object/element.

  • Move - Monitors the move of objects and cut/paste of elements. One record is created for each moved object/element.

  • Unitary creation object/element - Monitors the creation of an object and its children created automatically. One record is created for each created object/element and children.

  • Unitary deletion - Monitors the deletion of an object/element and all its children. One record is created for each object/element and for each child that is deleted along with the parent.

Folder categories String / 250

List of folder categories.

  • New
  • Old
  • Draft)
Period table String / 250

Object type used as Period table in Datastore.

Possible values are all the existing Object Types.

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