Designer-specific actions

The following actions are only available in the Designer.



Generate default Editors Generate default Editors for the currently edited Collection Type or Object Type
Generate default Functions Generate default Functions for the currently edited Datasource
Deploy Deploy the configuration on the the product instances.
Clean deploy

Clean deploy that enables you to remove the configuration from the the product instances and/or from their target directory.
It is done in 2 steps:

  • Generation of the configuration files to a target directory on the file system
  • Import of the configuration files into the the product instances
Import project Import project enables you to import an already existing project (zip archived)
Export project Export project enables you to export the current project to archive
Manage configurations Allows to manage several different configurations. The user can save a snapshot of a configuration and load the snapshot of other configuration. See Manage the configuration for details.
Load configuration Load configuration enables you to load a predefined data set
Go back to the previously opened collection/object/element
Go forward to the next collection/object/element

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