Actions on a Collection list

Access to objects depends on your user profile and the Folder you are working on.



Open Collection

Open the selected Collection
Change status

Change status

Modify a Collection status

Create Business Collection

Create a Collection
Save and close

Save and close

Save and close the selected Collection

Close Collection

Close the selected Collection

Force close

Force close a Collection or Collections.

Selected collections are closed even if they have been locked by other users.

Restriction: This action should only be authorized to administrators.


Refresh the list of Collections

Delete Collections

Delete selected collection (s).

Export into Excel

Export a list to a file into a CSV format file that can be opened with Microsoft Excel

Display Collections

Display the list of Collections
Display detailed view

Display Collections Details

Display a detailed view of the Collections

List Report Templates Generate a BIRT report. See About the BIRT tool
Display generated BIRT reports. See About the BIRT tool
Manage configurations

Manage configurations

Allows to manage several different configurations. The user can save a snapshot of a configu

ration and load the snapshot of other configuration. See Manage the configuration for details.

Deploy internal tables

Deploy internal tables values to Repository

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