Specify Datasource columns

Complete the external Datasource columns.

Field Type / Max.length Contents
Name String / 30

Datasource column name

Column name String / 30

Database table column name

Filter key String / 1

Value (Yes/No) set to specify if this column will be used as a parameter to filter out the record of the table.

The Designer user interface provides an action that generates automatically a set of common functions to use for a Datasource. Filter key columns will be used as filter argument in these functions.

Default operator String / 8 When “Filter key” is “Yes”, the Default operator is used in function calls or in rules if the operator is not specified during the datasource query.
Column in file String / 30 Name of the column given in the first line of the file
Property name   Name of the property of the referenced type
Column type   Type of the column in the file

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