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AI Suite documentation set

Go to the Axway doc portal at to find all documentation for this product version.

The AI Suite documentation set includes the following documents:

AI Suite

Composer - AccountingIntegrator Enabler

  • AI EnablerUser Guide HTML


  • AccountingIntegrator Installation Guide HTML PDF
  • AccountingIntegrator User Guide HTML
  • AccountingIntegrator Security Guide HTML PDF
  • Rule Engine Reference Guide PDF
  • Rule Engine Operations Guide z/OS PDF
  • Rule Engine Exits and External Calls PDF
  • Rule Engine Error Messages Guide PDF
  • Rule Engine Installation Guide z/OS PDF


  • Datastore Capacity Planning Guide HTML PDF
  • Datastore Installation Guide HTML PDF
  • Datastore User Guide HTML PDF
  • Datastore Security Guide HTML PDF


AI Suite Studio

  • AI Suite Studio Installation Guide HTML
  • AI Suite Studio Configuration Guide HTML
  • AI Suite StudioUser Guide HTML

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