About this guide

This guide describes the AI Suite solution. It presents the various use cases this solution is designed to address. It also explains how the products work together.

Who should read this guide

This guide is intended for enterprise architects, enterprise personnel involved in the implementation project, and Axway Professional Services personnel.

Familiarity with Axway products is recommended.

How to use this guide

The following is a brief description of the contents of each section:

Concepts – Describes the suite and relevant use cases. It also contains information on the features, services, and products provided by the suite. For more information, see Concepts.

How the products work together – Describes how the products work together in the context of data flows, access management, and visibility. It also contains basic architectural examples of the suite. For more information, see How the products work together.

Glossary – Contains a list of terms used in this guide and their definitions.

The following documents also provide useful information relating to AI Suite:

  • Axway Supported Platforms PDF:
  • Lists the different operating systems, databases, browsers, and thick client platforms supported by each Axway product.
  • Axway Interoperability Matrix PDF:
  • Provides product version and interoperability information for Axway products.
  • PassPort Administrators Guide PDF:
  • This documentation describes how to configure and manage PassPort.


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